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The Razor & Die Show: Friday January 27th, 2017

The Razor & Die Show: Friday January 27th, 2017
With special in-studio guests: Go Time!

Angie & the Deserters / Stay / You
Scroat Belly / The Bottle Won't Let Me Down / Daddy's Farm
Denise Leise / My Dreamboat / Dennis Leise / (here on February 17th!)
Vaudevilens / Sticky / Magician
Headspins / Comb Your Hair / Burn That Bridge
Husker Du / Love Is All Around / (love to MTM) / 7" B side

The Riptones / Rebel Rock Armageddon / Buckshot
Hunter and the Dirty Jacks / Leave the Cap Off the Bottle / Single Barrel
robbie fulks / Mad at a Girl / Couples in Trouble
graham parker / Queen of Compromise / your country
Wyldlife / 120 Minutes / Out on Your Block

Fat Night / Honest Man / (new digital single)
Mars Attacks! / Star Brek / Mars Attacks!
PLRLS / The Populist / (demo)
The Loud Family / (RIP Gil Ray) / The Second Grade Applauds / Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things
Game Theory / (RIP Gil Ray) / Erica's Word / The Big Shot Chronicles

Go time! Studio chat and CD spins from " VI "

The Hepburns / Little London / There is No Such Thing as The Hepburns
Pure Colours / Blindside / Pure Colours
Nervous Twitch / Same Old Style / Bad Reputation EP
Rich Kids/  Ghosts of Princes in Towers / No Thanks! The '70s Punk Rebellion (v/a)
The Scoff / Nasty / Look Directly Into the Sun: China Pop 2007 v/a


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