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The Razorless Razor & Die Show: July 28th, 2017

The Razorless Razor & Die Show: July 28th, 2017
With very special in-studio chat with Nate Z.!!!">
Paul Coady (feat. The Edsel Bros.) / Every Friday Afternoon

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians / omg / Amerikana
The New Zeitgeist / Lack of Linear Thought / Myths and Mortals
Crystal City / Pink Bayonet / Change

Nate Z / / Bad Boy with a Good Heart

Rattanson / Wandering Blackhole / Full Scale Shakeability
The Electric Mess / Leavin' Me Hangin / House on Fire
Headspins / Office / Burn That Bridge

Wayne 'the Train' Hancock / Deal Gone Down / Ride
L.A. River Catz / Mad Cow Boogie / L.A. River Catz
The Flat Five / Buglight / It's s World of Love and Hope
Ok, Wreck Loose / I Do Right / Ok, Wreck Loose
The Frolics / Body Hot / Sippin' Lemonade

The Coathangers / Springfield Cannonball / Suck My Shirt
Nervous Twitch / Lurking in the City / Don't Take My TV
Bang Bang y Los Espectros / Perdida / Espectro
Hyperbubble / Non Biodegradable Hazardous Waste Disposal (Valentino Mix) / Pretty Plastic
The Suburbs / I Just Can't Get You Back / Hey Muse!

Mary's Kids / Again and Again and Again / Time Has Come
Stupidity / Too Bad / 10 Years of Stupidity
The Reverberations / Why You Gotta Be So Mean / Move Along
the Alfas / Feather from Yesterday / A Feather From Yesterday
The Curse / King of Irritation / Calcutta Sunrise

The Moses Gun / Revolve Around Me / Triage
Djavulen Moblerar / Om Stort Svart Hal / Djavulen Moblerar Om
Go Time! / Reluctant Hero / Boneshaker / (50th Show Silvie's 2morrow!)
Toad of the Short Forest / Mindmower / Mindmower
Mach Five / Mach Five / Get On the Bus

Shoebox Letters / Boss of Bad Decisions / Keep it Simple
Jason Wilber / Something Somewhere / Reaction time
The Movements / Vegetable Man / Let It All Out
Artichoke / Melissa / Bees


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