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The Razor and Die Show: August 4th, 2017

The Razor and Die Show: August 4th, 2017
With very special in-studio guest Tim Ferguson!

The Steven Son Ranch Davidians / Psy Op / Amerikana
Blondie / My Monster / Pollinator
SONNY VENEER / Toys in the Trash / Forgetting Together
Monkey Warholl / Stolen Moments / EP5
Nate Zaremba / Love Me Hate Me / Bad Boy with a Good Heart

OK, WRECK LOOSE / Hearts Been Broken / Ok, Wreck Loose
Tomorrow The Moon / Dying Game / Blow, Mind, Blow
The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club/ Pick Pocket / Don't Buy T1his Record
Dead Freddie / Billy / If I Knew What I Wanted / (2night 8/4 at Phyllis')
Superseed / My Time Is Now / (used to be The David J. Edgar Hoovers)

The Moses Gun / The Air Inside Our House / Triage
Djävulen Möblerar Om / Sjunkbomb / Djavulen Moblerar Om
Thrift Store Halo / (Love by) Misadventure / Pop Rocket / (CD Release 9/28 Ballydoyle Irish Pub & Restaurant-Downers Grove) Friday, Aug. 4th 3:48p.m.
Kevin Andrew Prchal / Make Me a Believer / ( Tomorrow 8/5 at Fitzgerald's )

Blasting Fondas/ There Ain't No Other Way / There Ain't No Other Way
Tommy And The Rockets / Hey Daisy / Rock 'n' Roll Wrecking Machine
The Red Plastic Buddha / Daisy Love / All Out Revolution
The Moonbeats / To Live Pleases Me / To Live Pleases (So Please Leave Me Here)
Baker Knight and the Knightmares / Hallucinations / My Mind Goes High

Razorhouse / Regan's Song / Codex Du / (Video Premiere & Live Set Gman Fri 8/18)
Garland Jeffreys / Venus / 14 Steps to Harlem
The Ugly Ducklings / Nothin' / 1966 single
The Dahlmanns / Tear Me Apart / Tear Me Apart
Three dimensional tanx / Pink Spaceship / Attack

The Darts - US / The Cats Meow / Me.Ow
The Handcuffs / Jet Baby / Model for a Revolution (Aug 16h at)
Ellen Margulies / The White Pony / Hallucinations: / Psychedelic Pop Nuggets (v/a)
The Imperial Sound / Six to a Room / (Wedneday 8/9 at Simon's!)
Leadfoot Tea - one man trash'n'roll / Coronet Hemi / Coronet Hemi
THE CURSE / The King of Irritation / Calcutta Sunrise
The Explosive / Who Planted Thorns in Miss Alice's Garden

Interview and tune-spin with Tim Ferguson"
Junkee Girl / Sophomore / (stay tuned for Tim Ferguson here in the studio!)
Constantine / Blue Iris Baby
The Luck of Eden Hall / A Drop in the Ocean / (previously recorded on The Razor and Die Show sound by: Ray Kulka)
Friends Of Dennis Wilson / Threader Header
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor / Did you Hear the Lions Roar, Mr. Wig?
Heaven's Gateway Drugs / When You Come
The Orange Drop / Make It Her Forever
Warhorses / She Was the Universe

Kaleidoscope Eye Festival Chicago

Jelly Bean Bandits / Generation / Mayhem & Psychosis
The Spiders / Oze-Wieze-Woze / Biet-het is Prop! Vol 2
Helium / Vibrations / The Magic City
The Voice / The Train To Disaster / Chocolate Soup


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