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The Razor-less Razor and Die Show: September 1st, 2017

The Razor and Die Show: September 1st, 2017
The Polkaholics / The Razor and Die Show Polka
The Razor-less Razor and Die Show (Razor returns next week!)

Firewater / Balalaika / Get Off the Cross
The Curse / King of Irritation / Calcutta Sunrise
The Darts / Caught in the Devil's Game / Me.Ow
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis / Hillbilly Music / Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Reigning Sound / Uptight Tonight / Too Much Guitar!
Discolor Blind / Migraine / Long Vivid Dream
Karen & the Sorrows / Everything We Had / The Narrow Plac
Fat Night / Root Beer / Fat Night

Nervous Twitch / She's So Hip / (Upcoming record on vinyl) single
Ruby Dee and the Handlers / Who is She? / North of Bakersfield
Pure Colours / Everybody's Heard the News / Pure Colours
Thrift Store Halo / (Love by) Misadventure / Pop-Rocket
Double Feature / Can't Help Falling in Love / Welcome to Chicagoland: A Friskie Morris & Friends Compilation

jerry lee lewis / Night Train to Memphis / Legends of American Music: A Half Century of Hits (3 CD box)
Ryan Joseph Anderson / Tooth & Tongue / City of Vines
Gram Parsons / Ain't No Beatle, Ain't No Rolling Stone
Paper Bullets / Ham / (from the CD Traci Trouble brought in) Unreleased tracks

Dyslexic Postcards / Joe Frazier / The Sweet Science
Superseed / My Time Is Now / (single)
Casey Neill and the Norway Rats / She Came Alive / All You Pretty Vandals
Nate Z / Datsyukian Deke / Bad Boy with a Good Heart
Phil Ajjarapu / I Got a Feeling / Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More Records: Rocking Road

Satan's Little Helpers / I'm In Love / Another Girl
The Sharks / Turn on the Radio / Cocaine Radio
Snails House / I'm Curious / Ordinary Songs
Moves / Drama Queen / One, Two, Three, Four
beastii / Earthquake Weather / Can't Wait

Onesie / Pillow Sail / Leos Consume
Kenny George Band / Lovin's Kinda Lonely / Borrowed Troubles
FACS / Primary / (demo)
The Family Gold / Unwanted Company / Alright Now
Keshco / Jap Rock Go! / Beware Vision: Volume 8: Hard Levitation

Brandon Wyde / Legs and Scars / Silver Apples of the Moon
Monkey Warhol / Pizza Babies / EP 5
Voice of Addiction / Lockwood / The Lost Art of Empathy


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