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The Razor & Die Show, Fridays 4-6pm, 88.7fm Chicago, TheRazorAndDieShow.com!

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The Razor and Die Show: January 12th, 2018

The Razor and Die Show: January 12th, 2018
Paul Coady (feat. The Edsel Bros) / Every Friday Afternoon / show theme

The moody blues / Legend of a Mind / R.I.P. Ray Thomas'
The moody blues / Ride My Seasaw / R.I.P. Ray Thomas
The Orange Drop / Juniper Pearl / Stoned In Love
Groovy Movies / Change Your Mind / Groovy Movies
The Lost Souls / This Life Is Mine / Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire & Beyond

Simeon Peebler / Every Distant Cousin / Fire and Steam
Freebooting Profiteers / Supernatural / (Six song sampler)
Nine Nine Nine / Stop! Stop! / The Biggest Prize in Sport
Low Doses / One More Try / (single)
The Hazzards / Gay Boyfriend / So Pretty

Freezing Hands / King Kelly Kup / II
The Hepburns / Trash / There's No Such Thing as The Hepburns
Polar Waves / Philadelphia Downtown Club / No One Needs to Help Anymore
Some Velvet Morning / Settle Down / Silence Will Kill You

Possum Dixon / Radio Comets / Star Maps
Two Sets of Eyes / For the Last Time / Two Sets of Eyes
Rhett Repko / Thnx for the Ride / Thnx For the Ride
Gram Rabbit / Land of Jail / Music to Start a Cult To
Piney Gir: / keep it together / mR. hYDE'S wILD rIDE

Sigur Ros / Hoppipolla / Takk...
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor / Cinnamon Blood / Lavender Blood
Gladiola / Greatest Hits / This Year's Storm
Faux Fiction / Deadweight / Staring at the Sun
Stereoma / This City is Death / Movement

The Soft Moon / Far / Deeper
Greyface / Here's to the One / Greyola
De Novo Dahl / Make Some Sense / Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound
The Thanes / Don't Change Your Mind / (single)
Mary's Kids / The S*&!t Meridian / Don't Back Down
The Bollweevils / John Doe / Stick Your Neck Out!
The Two Tens / Sweet As Pie / Volume
The Love Me Nots / I'm Gonna Be Your Girl / The Demon and the Devotee