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The (Razor-less) Razor & Die Show: June 14th, 2019

The (Razor-less) Razor & Die Show: June 14th, 2019
Dedicated to Sheena the Punk Rocker Beagle!

The Imperial Sound / June July and August / (single)
Shinyribs / Savannah Chanelle / Fog & Bling
The April Fools / You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast / Third
The Membranes / Mother Ocean/Father Time / What Nature Gives... Nature Takes Away
Drivin' and Cryin' / Over and Over / Live the Love Beautiful
The Dead Sound / Into the Dark / (single)
Nucleus / Outpost / Entity
Kristin Hersh / Loud Mouth / Possible Dust Clouds
Tijuana Hercules / Revisted / (June 21 st Montrose Saloon) / Post Now: Round One: Chicago vs. New York
Rent Party/ Shadow Dancing / (Independence Tap 15June) / Burn It Down
LUCKYandLOVE / Dangerous Runaway / Transitions
Luke Winslow King / Going to New Orleans / (single)
High Plains Drifters / Cliff Notes of Love / The High Plains Drifters
Robbie Fulks & Gail Lewis / Boogie Woogie Country Gal / Wild! Wild! Wild!
Naomi Ashley Band / Love Will Tear Us Apart / (June14 w/Terry White & the
Loaded Dice and Alewife at Montrose Saloon) / Last Wednesdays Live
Diplomats of Solid Sound / Good To Do / A Higher Place
Ruby Boots and Indianola / Might Be Losing My Mind / (single)
Kelly Pardekooper / No Place For Me / 50-Weight
Mekons / Harar 1883 / Deserted
David J. (feat. Rose McGowan) / The Auteur (Redux The Starlet's Cut) / The Auteur
William Elliott Whitmore / Fear of Trains / Kilonova
Where We Sleep / What I Deserve / Experiments in the Dark
The Darts / Where's the Rain / (July 26 at Sub-T w/JetBeats & Mystery Actions) / I Like You But Not Like That
Kim Thompsett / Hollow Hill / The Hollows
Jordan Jones / Rumors Girls / (single)
the Jetbeats / Dancing on the Sun / (July 26 at Sub-T!) / High Time
The Jasmine Minks / Step by Step / Step by Step
The Blind Eyes / Hermetically Sealed / With a Bang
The Cramps / Sheena's in a Goth Gang / Big Beat from Badsville
The Polkaholics / Blue-Haired Lady / Polka High
Motorhead / Ace of Spades / (for Kenny!)
The Barbarellatones / Heroes / (single)
he Horrors / Sheena is a Parasite /
(This show has been dedicated to Sheena the Punk Rocker Beagle)

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