wluwdjdi (wluwdjdi) wrote,

The (Razor-less) Razor & Die Show: June 21st, 2019

The (Razor-less) Razor and Die Show: June 21st, 2019

Dragon Welding / Join the Dots / Dragon Welding
Shinyribs / Hoods of Cars / Fog & Bling
Stray Cats / Cat Fight (Over a Dog Like Me) / 40
Offbeat / I'll Make You Happy / Psychedelic Paradise (v/a)
The Rolling Stones / Dear Doctor / (Soldier Field tonight 6/21) / Beggars Banquet
Ummagma / LCD / Compass
muet / How It Was / (Gman June 23rd) / muet
Muet / The Well Tempered / DJ Jeff Moyer
Beauty In Chaos / 20th Century Boy / Beauty Re-Envisioned
The Diplomats of Solid Sound /Gotta Find That Man / (Space June26 w/Imperial Sound) / A Higher Place
Diplomats of Solid Sound & The Imperial Sound at SPACE
Your 33 Black Angels / Hot Funn / Eternities 1
Hyperbubble / Rhinestone Cowboy (feat. Rikki and Daz) / Western Ware
The Dead Sound / Into the Dark / Cuts
Tiny Masters of Today / Big Stick / Skeletons
Day & Dream / Zero Sum Game / With Every Breath You Die
Big Tide / Hide Me In Your Spaceship/ Sync or Swim
The Byrds / Thoughts and Words / Younger Than Yesterday
TV Girl / Pretty Boys / Death of a Party Girl
Naomi Ashley Band / Pretty Boys / Last Wednesdays Live
Drivin N Cryin/ What's Wrong With Being Happy/ Live the Love Beautiful
NRBQ Headquarters / Ridin' in my Car / (Midwest Conference 6/21 & 6/22 Hideout) / All Hopped Up
NRBQ Midwest Conference 2019
Duncan Kid Reid / Kellys Gone Insane / Duncan Reid & the Big Heads
The Patsys / Are You Receiving Me / Both Sides Never
Jordan Jones / Rumors Girls / (single)
The Darts - US / I Like You But Not Like That / I Like You But Not Like That
Para Lia / Hawk Hill / Hawk Hill
Kristin Hersh / No Shade in Shadow / Possible Dust Clouds
The New Zeitgeist / Lack of Linear Thought / (June 28th at Montrose Saloon) / Myths and Mortals
The New Zeitgeist w Dave Mattacks & Richard Gates
The Lawrence Peters Outfit / Ain't Much Left (Of This Heart of Mine) / What You Been Missin' / (Sunday at Hideout: A Day in the Country 6/23)
High Plains Drifters Music / Rear View Mirror / High Plains Drifters
Walter Lure & the Waldos / Don't Mess With Cupid / Wacka Lacka Boom Bop a Loom Bam Boo
Go Time / Best Intentions / (July 28th Homegrown Arts and Music Festival 2019) / Midway
Go Time plays at the Homewood night market
Ramblin' Deano- America's Favorite Folk Singer / Dean Schlabowske / Pretty Red Shoes / Ramblin' Deano and Ice Cold Singles /
Tijuana Hercules / I Stand Condemned / (tonight at Montrose Saloon 6/21) / Post Now: Round One: Chicago vs. New York
Tijuana Hercules / Johnny Profit and the Glass Cowboys
Siderunners / Biggest Thing in Town / Asphalt Confessions
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