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The Razor & Die Show, Fridays 4-6pm, 88.7fm Chicago, TheRazorAndDieShow.com!

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The (Razor-less) Razor & Die Show: June 28th, 2019

The (Razor-less) Razor & Die Show: June 28th, 2019
Extended episode! In reverse order, first entry - last played.

Banned / Little Girl / 7"
Tutu & the Pirates / Wham Bam Son of Sam / You Weren't There: a history of Chicago punk 19977-1984
Tom Jones with The Pretenders / Lust for Life / Reload
Stupidity Midnight to Six Man / Move
Titty Twister / I Want You / Gimme Some Noise
Naked Raygun / Tojo (Demo Version) / You weren't there: a history of Chicago punk 19977-1984
The Diplomats of Solid Sound / Already Gone / A Higher Place
Cameron Johnson Stack Your Stones / EP
The April Fools / My Back Pages / Third
The Artist Formally Known As Vince Band / In My life / Back Home
Christopher David / Salt and Snakes / Cosmic Lottery
Colman Gota / Catholic School / 3
High Plains Drifters Music / Jennifer Aniston / The High Plains Drifters
The High Tones / Strange Things Creep in the Night / Crossin' the Blue Line
Decoy Prayer Meeting / Live Fast, Love Hard / (2night 6/28 Montrose Saloon) / Decoy Prayer Meeting / Live in the Studio
The People vs Hugh DeNeal / I Tried Suicide / Gas Station Sandwiches
Ramblin' Deano- America's Favorite Folk Singer / More Than Fair / Deano Meats the Purveyors
Carolina Chocolate Drops / Boodle-De-Bum Bum / Leaving Eden
Big Tide / You Can't Live Life on an Email / Sync or Swim
Stereoma / Russian Types / Argument
Drivin N Cryin / If I'm Not There I'll Be Here / Live the Love Beautiful
Jonny Magus & The Bursting Bubbles / The Night of a Thousand Stars / (single)
Tiny Fireflies / Brightest Star / The Space Between
Custard Flux / Extraordinary Man / Echo
Murder By Death / Bloom / /(7/13 Square Roots Festival) / The Other Shore
Genesis / A Trick of the Tail / A Trick of the Tail
The Membranes / The 21st Century is Killing Me / What Nature Gives... Nature Takes Away
Your 33 Black Angels / Dead New Romantics / Eternities 1
Charlie J Memphis / Fairy Tales / (tonight 6/28 at Montrose Saloon)
Paul Coady / Good Days / Quarter Mile
The Fadeaways/ I'm Gonna Make You Mine / Kicks & Chicks
Duncan Kid Reid / Pretty Little Rachel / Duncan Kid Reid and the Big Heads
Shinyribs / I'm Clean / Fog & Bling
Shinyribs with Mike Maimone Band
Shoebox Letters / Forever Kind/ Bender
The Imperial Sound / Tracing the Lines (7/29 Martyrs) / The New AM
The Imperial Sound, Rachel Drew & Rob Newhouse - Mon 7/29Michael Owens / High Price Shoes / The Right Kind of Crazy
The Reverberations / So Strange Limit / Changes
Rhett Repko / A Broken Song / Songs of the Night
The Claim / Music Pictures / The New Industrial Ballads / http://www.facebook.com/theclaimpopgroup/
Tangleweed / Dead Flowers / Most Folk Heroes Started Out As Criminals